Packaging is the first impression your customer will get of your foods and brand. Maibao have been making effort to provide one-stop packaging solution to create great dinning experience and make your brand shine. Our food packaging range includes food service packaging, packaging use in restaurants and takeaway. With over 28 years experience in customized paper bags, food carton&tray, cups, bowls and plates, we can surely meet your needs in different usage scenarios.

  • Superior quality, easy to use and store, rise your efficiency of takeaway service. Our range of takeaway boxes, bags, cups & bowls can perfectly meet your packaging requirement for restaurant takeaway.

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  • The food packaging should not only keep foods fresh and delicious during delivery, but also impress and leave great dinning experience to customers. Fastfoodpak is confident to help you find the best solution for online business.

  • Ideal packaging for mobile food vendors should be easy to pack and reach foods, space saving and good-functioned. With over 28 years experience, rich packaging ranges of Maibao could help you running business of mobile food vendors successfully.

  • Ideal packaging solution for Cafe & Coffee should meet requirement of dinning in shops, takeaway service and delivery. Our range of cups & accessories(carriers and holders), takeaway bags, cooler bags, etc. can fit perfectly into a busy cafe or coffee shop.

  • Our solution for Bakery & Patisserie is perfect for products like bread, cakes and cupcakes. The packaging should keep your products fresh with perfect display effect. Meanwhile, the packaging have to be functioned well in oil resistance.

  • With the growth of globalization, Asian food packaging is becoming more prominent. Our solution for Asian foods is perfect for sushi, Chinese foods and other Asian foods. And our design of packaging is definitely new and striking that could help you leave a good impression to customers!